ATM Wraps
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Building Wrap Before

Building Wrap After

Wrapping an Existing ATM Building

Instead of spending new money to replace your ATM Building, Bransford Group offers refurbishing as an alternative. Frequently this can occur in the form of a ”Wrap”. We clean the exterior of your existing building and apply new factory finished aluminum to the entire exterior of the building excluding the roof. We apply new vinyl graphics, sign faces, and lamps…….all for a fraction of the cost of a new building. While our building products are designed to facilitate this procedure, the majority of our installations are on other manufacturers buildings. In this case we not only protect your investment in our buildings but we also extend the useful life of our competitors building as well. This procedure is especially beneficial for a re-branding of your existing sites or sites obtained through acquisition or merger of another financial institution.

Also due to new ADA requirements many financials will be replacing their ATMs which will require different size wall openings. The wrap is a viable alternative to address the turnkey or site preparation issue. All this is accomplished in the field with no ATM down time and very little disruption to your ATM customers . In most cases we deny very few if any transactions. Depending on the size and complexity of the building this is normally a 2 day project.”


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