ATM Canopies
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Custom Colors

  • Color's match your own company's identity
  • Match existing venues or zoning
  • Work with historical restorations
Bigger and Better Signage
  • Standard building canopy is 26" (largest in the industry)
  • Signage up to four sides for maximum visibility and availability of different graphic sets
  • Unlimited colors and graphics are standard with all products; eliminating upcharges for add-ons
Custom Renderings and Drawings
  • Presenting picture of end product to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Used as sign-off document to ensure no misunderstandings
  • Easily relocated on your premises or 1000 miles away to protect your investment
  • Optional portable pad
Site-Specific Design
  • Allows installation flexibility
Continued Service and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Helps keep your site attractive and "new looking"
  • Changable graphics to accommodate marketing and advertising activities for your company



Canopy Specifications

  • 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" X 16 gauge galvanized steel frame
  • 24 gauge steel skin and trim
  • 4 mil rubber membrane roof with drain through PVC pipe
  • 2" high parapet style flashing around perimeter of canopy
  • 3 double lamp high output fluorescent fixtures, 6 lamps total
  • Power requirements-120 volt/20 amp circuit
  • Photocell to control lighting installed on top of canopy
  • Plexiglass faces on four sides with backlighting
  • Complete downlighting through parabolic white egg crating
  • Dupont Chroma-One exterior paint
  • 9'6" drive through clearance when installed on a 6" high concrete pad
  • Canopy installs on two steel poles


  • Color samples and rendering submitted for customer approval prior to fabrication
  • Custom pad drawing provided to your contractor
  • Custom build canopies available if standard models are not suitable
  • Standard sizes are" 6' X 8', 8' X 10', 8' X 12'
  • One year full warranty


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