ATM Partnership Programs - Financial Institutions
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ATM Partnership Programs

The Bransford Group / Fund Accesss ATM Partnership Program is an innovative outsourcing offering where the ATMS are owned by Bransford. Unlike traditional outsourcing programs that charge a monthy fee, Bransford places these ATMs at the sites at no cost to the financial institutions† and we share in the surcharge revenues. No capital outlay is required by the bank or credit union. Many financial institutions with lower transaction volumes cannot justify the cost of ATM ownership, especially in an off premise location. Yet, this very important distribution channel is a defacto requirement in doing business. We typically provide significant savings of 2 to 1 over surcharge fees we charge. This results in a major cost savings over a traditional purchase. We currently operate in 34 states and have over 1300 locations. We also offer mobile ATMs for events allowing you a temporary “try and buy” venue to evaluate our services.

No Capital Outlay
  • We provide and maintain hardware
  • We maintain supplies
  • We ensure current and future ADA and PCI compliance
Consultative Approach
  • We are ATM vender independent
  • Site Analysis
  • Network monitoring 24/7
  • Installation management
Single Source
  • We create signage
  • We fulfill processing
  • We provide network communication
  • We prepare the site
  • Each program is custom designed
  • Your priorities are at the forefront
  • Contractual—terms, conditions, future changes




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